Today, IUCN NL and the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta organised the final pitch event of MoMo Indonesia 2017. Six entrepreneurs with climate change mitigation or adaptation projects in Indonesia competed for the 25,000 Euro prize money. The winner was Aqysta, with their plan for the introduction of sustainable water pumps on the Island of Sumba in the East of Indonesia.

The finalists pitched their innovation in five minutes. Each pitch was followed by a set of critical questions by a panel of financial specialists from the Global Good Growth Fund, Rabobank, the NGO Kemitraan and the company Indonesia Infrastructure Finance. Siebe Schuur, Head of the Economic Department of the Dutch Embassy, chaired the panel. Both this panel and the 90-people strong audience contributed to the selection of the winner. 

The winning Aqysta project of MoMo Indonesia 2017 helps create economic value for horticulture farmers in Sumba. The island faces water shortage during the dry season. Barsha pump is a clean technology, requires no operation and maintenance costs, but has a high upfront cost. The business model creates more income for horticulture farmers. Especially women are expected to benefit. The long-term objective is to upscale the use of Barsha pump throughout Indonesia. 

Keynote speaker of the MoMo event was Dudi Rulliadi, Head of Climate Finance Division, Fiscal Policy Agency. This is the National Designated Authority for the Green Climate Fund in Indonesia. Mr. Rulliadi explained how both companies and non-profit organisations can submit proposals to the Green Climate Fund in Indonesia. The procedures for submission have now been finalized and recently, IUCN was the first organisation to obtain a “No Objection Letter” for a climate resilience proposal. Such a letter marks the first step in the process to develop a full proposal.

For information of all the finalists, see the projects page.